The Eternal Rocks Beneath

Annndddd… now I have no reason to watch The Borgias.

Come on, The Borgias, are you trying to make all of us hate Juan so that we’ll be happy to see him die… or make us feel so bad for him that death would be a mercy at this point? An opium addicted one-legged blind madman? Really? Is he really holding Lucrezia’s baby over a balcony in that promo? Also, when is Cesare going to start acting like Cesare? Where’s Fiammetta? And, I asked for a Medici and you give me Piero …the Unfortunate! Ugh. I mean, you haven’t been all that historically accurate so far… why start now? Give me someone good. Make someone up. Okay, I’m done. I only watch this and VEEP now guys… I am far too invested in this. LUCREZIA’S NEW LOVE INTEREST IS UGLY. WHERE IS ALPHONSO? EITHER OF THEM.